Fine Motor
  • Apple Pies: On a paper plate, paint with white glue mixed with brown paint. Decorate with apple punches or apple stickers then sprinkle with cinnamon.
  • Make apples using red and green play dough and apple shaped cookie cutters.
  • Stamp Paint: Cut apple(s) in half. Dip cut sides of apple in paint and stamp on construction paper.
  • Color / finger paint apple pictures.

Language: Rhymes / Finger plays
  • A Little Red Apple: A little red apple / up high in a tree / I looked up at it / and it looked down at me. / I called "Come down, please, apple!" / And what do you suppose? / That little red apple/ Fell right down on my nose! / OUCH!
  • Five Red Apples: Five red apples hanging in a tree (hold up five fingers) / The juiciest apples you ever did see. / The wind came by and gave and angry frown (flutter fingers downward) / And one little apple came tumbling down (etc)
  • Eat an Apple: Eat an apple (Bring right hand to mouth) / Save the core (Close right hand in fist) / Plant the seeds (Bend down & touch the ground) / And grow some more (Extend both arms out).
  • Mmmm, Apple: Look at the apple that I found, / so fat and rosy on the ground. / Let's go wash it and bite it in two / half for me and half for you.

Language: Songs
  • A Wiggly Worm (sung to "Boom! Boom! Ain't It Great to Be Crazy?"): Chorus: Yum! Yum! Don't you know I love apples? / Yum! Yum! Don't you know I love apples? / Red and green and yellow, too… / Yum! Yum! Don't you know I love apples? / (Verse) Way up high in an apple tree / I saw two eyes look at me / I reached for an apple / it started to squirm... / Oops! I found a wiggly worm! / (Chorus) / (Verse) That wiggly worm is a friend of mine / We eat apples all of the time. / I let him crawl back to that tree / Hey! That worm's still looking at me! / (Chorus)
  • Apples, Apples (sung to "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star"): Apples juicy, apples round / On the tree or on the ground. / Apples yellow, apples red / Apple pie and juice and bread! / Apples crunchy, apples sweet; / Apples are so good to eat!
  • Two Little Apples (sung to "This Old Man"): Way up high, in a tree (raise hands over head) / Two red apples smiled at me / So I climbed that tree as fast as I could (pretend to climb tree) / And picked those apples. Yum! They were good! (Rub tummy)
  • All Around the Apple Tree (sung to “Here We Go ‘Round the Mulberry Bush”): Here we go round the apple tree, the apple tree, the apple tree. / Here we go around the apple tree / So early in the morning. This is the way we (pick the apples, wash the apples, peel the apples, cook the apples...)... so early in the morning.
  • A Little Apple Seed (sung to "Itsy, Bitsy Spider"): Once a little appleseed was planted in the ground /Down came the raindrops, falling all around. /Out came the big sun, bright as bright could be /And that little apple seed grew into an apple tree!
Math / Science:
  • Counting: Separate fake apples into two baskets, then count the number of apples in each basket. Compare baskets using words like "more", "less", or "equal".
  • Sequencing & Patterning: Put the apples into a color pattern (green, red, green, red…) and talk about what will come next.
  • Size: Sort the apples according to size (big, little).
  • Predicting: Predict what will happen when different apples (real, plastic, foam, wooden, etc.) are put into the water table (will they float or sink?).
  • Sorting: Sort the apples by color into the two baskets.
Gross Motor: Active Play
  • Apple Roll: Roll plastic and real apples back and forth to each other.
  • "Bob" for plastic apples in the water table.
  • Toss plastic apples into a basket.
  • Toss and catch plastic apples.
  • Apple Hunt: Find the hidden plastic apples and put them in baskets.


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