Fine Motor: Art
  • Fingerpaint with mud.
  • Hand Earth: Paint a large circular piece of paper blue. When dry, paint hands green and then make hand prints on it.
  • Coffee Filter Earth: Drop blue and green colored water on a coffee filter with eyedroppers and watch the colors swirl as the filter absorbs the water.
  • Wax Earth: Shave blue and green crayons and arrange shavings between two pieces of wax paper. Melt with iron on low heat.
  • Color /paint / fingerpaint "earth" coloring pages.
Language: Rhymes / Fingerplays
  • Home Sweet Home: A nest is a home for a robin; (cup hands to form a nest) / A hive is a home for a bee; (turn cupped hands over)/ A hole is a home for a rabbit; (make a hole with hands)/ The Earth is home for all three! (Make a big circle with arms to encompass all three)
  • The Mud Puddle (By Barrie Teague Alguire): Here’s a great big mud puddle. (Make a circle with your arms) / I walk around it. (Show fingers walking around the imaginary puddle) / I touch it with my finger. (Mime touching) / I scoop up a glop (Mime scooping) / And squeeze it through my fingers. (Mime squeezing) / Then I take off my shoes (Pluck at your “walking” fingers as if removing shoes) / And jump right in! (Jump your fingers into the imaginary puddle, or jump with your whole body)
  • Wonderful World: A wonderful world, I live in ( Make a circle with arms.) / Wiggly little worms; I see 10! (Wiggle all 10 fingers.) / I look low and I look high (Shade eyes with hand, look low and high) / I never know what I might spy!
  • Dirt Stew: Dirt for flour / Rain for milk / Stir, stir, stir / 'Til it's smooth as silk. / A sprinkle of pebbles / A twig or two / Who will try my yummy dirt stew?
  • The Earth is a Ball: The Earth is a ball, (Make ball with hands.) / So tiny you see, (Pinch fingers together to indicate size.) / Tossed out into the galaxy, (Pretend to toss like baseball.) / Much smaller than the sun that gives it heat. (Make larger ball with hands and shrink it down.) / But the Earth's none too small, (Make large "X" with finger.)
    You'd have to agree. (Point to friend and nod.) / It's much bigger than you and me. (Make giant ball with hands above head; point to friend, then self.)
Language: Songs
  • Planting Time (sung to "Row, Row, Row Your Boat"):Dig, dig, dig the earth (make digging motion) / Plant your seeds in a row (pretend to drop seeds) / A little rain (Flutter fingers down)/ A little sun (Circle arms above head) / Let's see what will grow!
  • Around Me (sung to "Down in the Valley") Mountains and valleys / Oceans so blue / Forests and farmland / Big cities, too. / They're all a part of / This land that I love / The Earth underneath me; / The sky up above.
  • This Land Is Your Land (words & music by Woody Guthrie Chorus): This land is your land, this land is my land / From California, to the New York Island / From the redwood forest, to the gulf stream waters / This land was made for you and me.
  • Dig, Dig, Dig! (sung to "This Old Man"): Dig a hole / In the ground / Rock and pebbles / All around / Keep on digging / That hole's getting big! / Make it bigger / Dig, dig, dig!
  • Gonna Get So Muddy (sung to "Did You Ever See a Lassie?"): Oh, I'm gonna get so muddy, so muddy, so muddy! / I'm gonna get so muddy, do you want to know how? / I mix water and dirt / I squish and I squirt / That's the way I got so muddy / Aren't you glad you know now?
Math / Science
  • Cause & Effect Predictions: Mix water and different types of soil and predict what will happen.
  • Matching: Press objects into mud thick enough to leave an impression. Match up which object left which impression.
  • Measuring, Counting, Size: Count how many scoops of soil, sand, pebbles, etc. it takes to fill up a small bucket. Use a variety of scoops and talk about the differences in size
  • Classifying: Sort different types of soil and soil contents (roots, rocks, leaves, etc.).
  • Time, Predicting: Make various sized mudpies and talk about which one(s) will dry first and why.
Gross Motor: Active Play
  • Nature Hike: Examine the different types of soil and its contents (bugs, rocks, roots, etc) in different areas nearby.
  • Real Stone Soup: Fill a bucket partially with water and add rocks, twigs, roots, etc.
  • Use rocks, mud, dirt, etc. to build an Earth castle. Add a moat with water for even more squishy fun. Experiment with which materials make the best dams, which make the best walls, etc.
  • Play with different types of soil (peat, sand, clay, rocky, etc.) in the sand / water table.
  • Rock & Roll: Find different sized / shaped rocks and see which one will roll the furthest / straightest, fastest, etc.
  • Bugs & Dirt
  • Mud Pies: Make pie crusts by pressing sugar cookie dough thinly into muffin tins. Bake according to recipe and let cool. Fill with chocolate pudding and sprinkle cookie / graham cracker crumbs on top. Add raisins, gummy worms, etc. to complete the effect.
  • Rice Crispie Earth
  • Edible Rocks
  • Earth Muffins: Color 3/4 of a recipe of white cake batter blue. Color the remaining 1/4 green. Pour the blue batter into muffin tins and drop a small amount of green batter on top. Swirl gently with butter knife and bake according to recipe.

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