Fine Motor: Art
  • Friendship Bracelet: String fruit loops onto pieces of string / yarn. Make enough to share one with everyone.
  • Friendship Rainbow: Cut paper into rainbow shapes. Paint with thumb prints or hand prints -- a different color (or two, depending on the size of the group!) for each painter.
  • Friendship Mobile: Trace and cut out handprints from different colored pieces of construction paper. Punch holes into the outer edges of a paper plate and into the cut out handprints. String handprints onto the paper plate, leaving enough string between the two so that the handprints hang down when the plate is suspended. Punch a hole in the center of the plate and knot a string through it. Hang the mobile from this center string.
  • Wiggle Worm Friend
  • Color /paint / fingerpaint "friend" coloring pages.

Language: Rhymes / Fingerplays
  • With A Friend (By Vivian Gouled):I can talk with a friend / and walk with a friend / and share my umbrella in the rain / I can play with a friend / and stay with a friend / and learn with a friend / and explain / I can eat with a friend / and compete with a friend / and even sometimes disagree / I can ride with a friend / and take pride with a friend / A friend can mean so much to me!
  • Friends:I have two friends, (hold up 2 fingers on left hand) / And they have me; (hold up 1 finger on right hand) / Two friends and me, (bend each from left to right) / That's one, two, three (hold up fingers while saying 1,2 3)
  • Make New Friends: Make new friends, / but keep the old. / One is silver, / the other is gold. / A circle is round, / it has no end. / That's how long, / I will be your friend.
  • Two Little Friends: Two little friends are better than one, / And three are better than two; / And four are much better still. / Just think! What four little friends can do.
  • Hand In Hand: By myself I'm good, but together we're much better / Together we're much better, hand in hand / By myself I can sing, but together we're better / Together we're much better, hand in hand / Oh Big hands, little hands, clapping hand and waving hands / All different kinds of hand together hand in hand / By myself I can clap, but together we're much better / Together we're much better, hand in hand / By myself. I can jump but together we're much better / Together we're much better, hand in hand / Oh brown hands, pink hands, yellow hands and tan hands / All different kinds of hands together hand in hand
Language: Songs
  • The More We Get Together (sung to "Did You Ever See a Lassie?"):The more we get together, together, together / The more we get together, the happier will be.
    For your friends are my friends, / And my friends are your friends, / The more we get together, the happier will be.
  • Friends (sung to "Frere Jacques"): You are my friend, you are my friend; I'm your friend too!. I'm your friend too! / We work and play together / No matter what the weather / I'm so glad / I know you.
  • Oh, Playmate!(Words and music by Saxie Dowell): Oh playmate, come out and play with me / And bring your dollies three. / Climb up my apple tree, / Look down my rain barrel / Slide down my cellar door / And we'll be jolly friends forever more.
  • The Buddy Song (sung to "Daisy, Daisy"): Buddy, buddy, / Come and play with me. / We can color; / Or maybe climb a tree. / Sharing, laughing, singing, / Running, skipping, swinging. / Whatever we do / It's better with you / Come and play with me!
  • If You're Friendly (sung to "If you're happy and you know it"): / If you're friendly and you know it, / clap your hands. / If you're friendly and you know it, / clap your hands. / If you're friendly and you know it, / and you really want to show it, / If you're friendly and you know it, / clap your hands!

Math / Science
  • Comparing & Classifying: Trace and cut out hand prints then compare sizes, lengths of fingers, left & right, etc.
  • Measuring: Use a tape measure to measure the height of each child and mark it on the wall with sticker, masking tape, etc. Talk about the differences you see.
  • Spatial Relationships: Talk about where the children are in comparison to each other (behind, to the left, in front of, beside, etc.)
  • Sequencing & Patterning, Meaningful Counting: String fruit loops on each friendship bracelet in color sequences. Count how many fruit loops are on each bracelet.
  • Meaningful Counting, Cause & Effect Predictions: Make block towers side by side that represent the different heights of each child. Count how many blocks are in a few of the towers, then predict if the next tower is going to have more or less.
Gross Motor: Active Play
  • Roll different sized balls back and forth to each other.
  • Play follow the leader.
  • Use beanbags to play catch with a partner.
  • Fill up a bucket with a partner at the sand / water table.
  • Play hide-n-seek.
  • Gingerbread Friends: Roll out and cut gingerbread cookie dough using gingerbread man cutters. Line up on baking sheets so that their hands are touching, then bake.
  • Friendship Mix
  • Friendship Cookies: Roll sugar cookie dough into balls and have children flatten with their hands, leaving hand prints. Sprinkle with sugar and bake according to recipe.
  • Pretzel Twists: Provide each child with a ball of pretzel dough and show how to roll into long strips. Twist together two strips (each strip from a different child) and bake according to recipe.
  • Buddy Sandwiches: Form pairs. Give each partner a slice of bread and something to spread with. Put peanut butter on one partner's slice; jelly on the other. After the partners have spread their slice, put the slices together and cut the sandwich in half.

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