Fine Motor: Art
  • Foot Flower: Make a footprint by painting the bottom of the foot and then stepping on paper. Draw on a stem and viola! A foot flower!
  • Sponge Lawns: Sprinkle grass seed on a moisten sponge and place in a shallow dish. Spray with water regularly to keep moist.
  • Shoe Box Garden: Fill a sturdy shoe box with an inch or two of potting soil. Plant seeds of choice (*note: root plants such as carrots, radishes, etc are NOT advised!) and place in a shallow container in a sunny spot. Mist regularly with water. After the seeds begin to sprout, the entire box can be planted in the ground if desired.
  • Coffee Filter Bouquet: Drip colored water onto a coffee filter. Dry, scrunch into a flower shape and secure with a pipe-cleaner "stem". Gather stems together and tie with decorative ribbon or place in vase.
  • Color /paint / finger paint "garden" coloring pages.
Language: Rhymes / Fingerplays
  • I'm a Little Flower Pot: I'm a little flower pot Mom put out (point to self) / If you take care of me, I will sprout (nod head, point to self) / When you water me, I will grow (make sprinkling motions) / Into a pretty flower, don't you know! (raise hand slowly up from floor; make wide circle with hands or arms).
  • A Little Sun: A little sun (hold arms above head) / A little rain (wiggle fingers in the air in a downward motion) / Now pull up all the weeds (pretend to pull weeds) / Our flowers grow, all in a row (hold up all ten fingers lined up like flowers) / From tiny little seeds. (hold thumb and finger to show size of seeds)
  • My Garden: This is my garden. I’ll rake it with care. (Pretend to rake.) / And then some flower seeds I’ll plant there. (Pretend to plant seeds.) / The sun will shine, (Put arms over head in a circle.) / And the rain will fall, (Put hands in air and bring down as rain.) / And my garden will blossom and grow straight and tall. (Make fist then open slowly as the flower blooms.)
  • Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary: Mary, Mary, quite contrary / How does your garden grow? / With silver bells and cockleshells / And pretty maids all in a row!
  • Spring Garden by Gareth Lancaster: Jack Frost has upped and gone away, / To his icy summer home. / He stays there whilst the sun is warm, / It's not safe for him to roam. / Now he's left the earth warms up, / And flowers start to grow. / Peeking through the heating soil, / Growing quickly for a show. / Crocuses and Daffodils, / Green shoots poke through the ground. / And with each day as spring returns, / They burst up all around. / When spring arrives the garden glows, / With yellows, blues and reds. / Stretching in the sunny warmth, / Whilst Jack is safe in bed!
Language: Songs
  • Planting Flowers (sung to "Frere Jacques"): Planting flowers, planting flowers / In the ground, in the ground, / Water them and they grow, / Water them and they grow, / All around, all around.
  • I'll Plant a Little Seed (sung to "I'm a Little Teapot"): I'll plant a little seed in the dark, dark, ground. / Out comes the yellow sun, big and round. / Down comes the cool rain, soft and slow. / Up comes the little seed, grow, grow, grow!
  • The Garden Song (sung to "Row, Row, Row Your Boat"): Dig, dig, dig your garden / Make it smooth and neat / Push, push, push that shovel, / Push it with your feet. / Plant, plant, plant your seeds / Push them down an inch / Cover your seeds with some soil / Cover with a pinch. / Water, water, water your seed / This will help them sprout, / Sprinkle lightly and let's not pour / And don't let them dry out. / Sun, sun, sunshine / It will turn them green, / Carrots and radishes and peppers, too / Tomatoes and some beans. / Watch, watch, watch them grow / See them grow so tall / Put a scarecrow in the ground / To protect them all. / Pull, pull, pull the weeds / Keep your garden clear / To make them grow up and out / And stretch out here and / there. / Pick, pick, pick your feast / Cook some veggie soup / You'll have lots and lots to eat, / Enough to feed the group.
  • I'll Plant A Little Seed (sung to "I'm A Little Teapot"): I'll plant a little seed in the dark, dark ground. / Out comes the yellow sun, big and round. / Down comes the cool rain, soft and slow. / Up comes the little seed, grow, grow, grow!
  • Seeds (sung to "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"): Dig a hole deep in the ground / Spread some tiny seeds around / Pat them down - so they will keep / They are lying fast asleep / Rain will help the seeds to grow / Sunshine keeps them warm I know
Math / Science
  • Classifying: Separate silk flowers into groups by color, size, number of flowers on stems, etc.
  • Meaningful Counting, Comparing & Classifying, Spatial Relationships: Count the number of petals, leaves, stems, etc. on a variety of real and silk plants. Talk about the different parts of the plants and talk about where each part is in relation to the other parts.
  • Size: Compare the sizes of different parts of plants (seeds, stems, leaves, roots, flowers, petals).
  • Measuring: Plant seeds in a cup and measure the amount of soil and water used.
  • Comparing & Classifying, Predicting: Compare different sized seeds and predict the size that the plants will be based on seed size.
Gross Motor: Active Play
  • Plant a garden outside or in a large container.
  • Fill up a watering can and help water the garden.
  • Take a nature hike and look for different plants and seeds.
  • Fill the sand / water table with potting soil and plant a pretend garden using fake plants, vegetables, and fruits.
  • Pretend to be seeds growing into plants. Cover up with blankets / pillows and pop out of the "soil".

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