Fine Motor: Art
  • Make the Three Little Pigs houses.
  • Cut pictures of household items out of a magazine and paste them inside a shoe box to make a paper doll house. Color and cut out paper dolls and introduce them to their new home!
  • Make a house puzzle using this house template and pieces of construction paper cut to fit the corresponding shapes. Laminate the template and the pieces for repeat play.
  • Make a birdhouse. *You could use popsicle sticks instead of twigs for this project.*
  • Color / fingerpaint "home" coloring pages.
Language: Rhymes / Fingerplays
  • There Was An Old Woman... : There was an old woman (curtsey) / Who lived in a shoe (touch shoes) / She had so many children / She didn't know what to do. (count fingers and then hold arms out like you don't know what to do) / She gave them some soup (pretend to eat the soup) / Some jam and some bread (Pretend to spread jam on bread) / Then kissed them all sweetly (Kiss all your fingers) / And put them to bed. (Hands joined on your shoulder and head resting on hands – pretend to go to sleep)
  • My House: I'm going to build a little house / With windows big and bright / With chimney tall and curling smoke / Drifting out of sight / In winter when the snowflakes fall / Or when I hear a storm / I'll go sit in my little house / Where I'll be snug and warm.
  • Different Houses: A sparrow's home is a nest in a tree / An octopus lives in a cave in the sea / In a hole in the ground a rabbit hides / A sunflower is where a gnome resides / A hollowed-out log is for a porcupine / But the best home of all is the one that is mine
  • Playmates: (Begin with closed fists) From a window in this house (Open one fist, fingers point up) / From a window in this house (Other fist open, fingers point up) / Playmates wave at each other (Close fists, then thumbs wag at each other) They jump (Hands go up and down quickly) / And have such fun! (Hands together and clap)
  • Here Is A House: Here is a house built up high (stretch arms up and touch fingers like a roof) / With two tall chimmeys reaching the sky (strech arms up separately) / Here are the windows (make square shape with your hands) / Here is the door (knock) / If we peep inside / We see a mouse on the floor!
Language: Songs
  • My House (sung to "The Wheels On The Bus"): The door on my house goes open and shut / Open and shut / Open and shut. / The door on my house goes open and shut / And the sun shines bright all day. / The windows on my house go up and down... / The chimney on my house goes puff, puff, puff... / The lights in my house go on and off...
  • Some People Live In (sung to "The Old Grey Mare"): Some people live in apartments / Live in apartments, live in apartments / Some people live in, apartments
    That’s where some people live. / Some people live in big houses... / Some people live in boat houses... / Some people live in ice houses... / Some people live in mud houses...
  • Cleaned Up!(sung to "I've Been Working On the Railroad): I've been cleaning up my bedroom / All the live long day! / I've been cleaning up my bedroom / Look at all I put away:/ The books and blocks and balls and babies / Neatly in a row / Now when I want to find a toy / I know right where to go!
  • Build A House (sung to "Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush") Hammer, hammer with one hammer (move one fist up and down) / one hammer, one hammer / Hammer, hammer with one hammer / Now hammer with two. / Hammer, hammer with two hammers (move both fists up and down)... /Hammer, hammer with three hammers (move both fists and one foot up and down)... /Hammer, hammer with four hammers (both fists, both feet)... / Hammer, hammer with five hammers (both fists, both feet, and nod head) / five hammers, five hammers / Hammer, hammer with five hammers / Now we're done
  • There Was A Crooked Man (click here for tune): There was a crooked man / And he walked a crooked mile. / He found a crooked sixpence / Upon a crooked stile: / He bought a crooked cat, / Which caught a crooked mouse, / And they all lived together / In a crooked little house.
Math / Science
  • Identifying Shapes: Use a variety of paper shapes (squares, rectangles, triangles, circles, etc. Get creative!) to "build" pictures of different houses. Call each shape by it's appropriate name and talk about how different shapes can fit together in a variety of ways.
  • Comparing & Classifying, Matching, Seriation / Ordering: Find a number of pictures of different kinds of houses in magazines, real estate papers, etc. Sort them into groups based on similar features (animal houses, houses with many windows, houses with chimneys, one-story houses, apartment houses, etc.)
  • Spatial Relationships: Talk about what you might find inside, outside of, and around a house. Use a simple house outline and pictures of these items (cut out of magazines, cut out of catalogs, printed from the internet, drawn, etc) to put them in their proper places. Talk about where they are in relation to the house (the dog is inside; the bed is upstairs; the tree is outside...)
  • Measuring, Size, Meaningful Counting: Use popsicle sticks to compare the height / width / length of different household objects. Talk about the differences you see (the blender is one popsicle stick shorter than the coffee pot; the couch is eleven popsicle sticks longer than the chair...)
  • Predicting: Revisit the story of the three little pigs, then build their houses. (Stack small bits of straw or toothpicks to make the straw house; twigs or pencils to make the house of sticks; Legos or playdough bricks to make the house of bricks). Take turns being the wolf and predict what will happen to each of the houses as you come to them in the story.
Gross Motor: Active Play
  • Play house! Provide household tools (hand-held vacuum, feather duster, whisk-broom & dust pan, buckets, paint brushes, spray bottles, etc.) and let imagination (imitation?) take over...
  • Room Match: Cut out a variety of pictures of household items that might be found in each room of a house from magazines, etc. Use an appropriate adhesive (I like painter’s tape) to affix each picture to the appropriate room in the house.
  • Go on a nature hike and look for different types of animal houses (birds nests, squirrel holes in trees, dog houses, spider webs, etc.)
  • Make a shoe house and decorate it together. If you don't feel like a lot of clean up, try "painting" with water!
  • Wash The Dishes
  • Graham Cracker Houses
  • Bird Nests
  • Bats in a Cave: Cut an apple in quarters and scoop out the middle. Spread a thin layer of peanut butter on the middle and press some raisins into the peanut butter. Turn upside down and viola! Bats in a cave!
  • Miniature Gingerbread Houses: "Cement" small gingerbread squares (5 per snacker -- 4 standing on edge to form the walls, 1 slightly larger one for the roof) together using peanut butter or cream cheese. Decorate with dried fruits, nuts, etc.
  • Make log cabins out of peanut butter playdough. Use bits of pretzel sticks to add doors and windows; a miniature marshmallow makes a great puff of "smoke" from the chimney!

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