Ice Cream

Fine Motor: Art
  • Paste colorful "scoops" of ice cream (circles cut out of construction paper) onto a printed cone.
  • Use an eyedropper and colored water to color cotton balls. Set cotton balls aside to dry. When dry, paste to a print-out of an ice cream cone.
  • Fingerpaint with melted ice cream.
  • Make an ice cream cone hat.
  • Color / fingerpaint "ice cream" coloring pages.
Language: Rhymes / Fingerplays
  • At The Ice Cream Shop: Chocolate, mango, / Lemon lime, / Mint chip, and cherry / All look divine! / Flavors and colors / So tempting and yummy. / Now, tell me which one should go / Inside my tummy?
  • Eighteen Flavors by Shel Silverstein: Eighteen luscious, scrumptious flavors / Chocolate, lime and cherry, / Coffee, pumpkin, fudge banana / Caramel cream and boysenberry. / Rocky road and toasted almond, / Butterscotch, vanilla dip, / Butter brickle, apple ripple, / Coconut and mocha chip, / Brandy peach and lemon custard, / Each scoop lovely, smooth and round, / Tallest ice cream cone in town, / Lying there (sniff) on the ground.
  • Ice-Cream Dream: I’d know for sure I was asleep (pantomime sleeping) / And in a happy dream (draw big smile on face with fingers) / If I asked, ”What’s for dinner?” (raise hands and shrug shoulders as if to ask a question)/ And then Mom said, “Ice cream!” (pretend to eat an ice cream cone)
  • Five Little Ice Cream Cones: Five little ice cream cones so good to eat. / The first one said, "I'm a summer time treat." / The second one said, "It's such a hot day." / The third one said, "I'm melting away." / The fourth one said, "Don't lose your top." / The fifth one said, "Oh dear , ker-plop!"
  • Little Miss Muffet: Little Miss Muffet / Sat on her tuffet / Eating a chocolate ice cream / Along came a spider / Who sat down beside her / And said, "Give me some or I'll scream."
Language: Songs
  • Take Me Out For Some Ice Cream (sung to "Take Me Out To The Ballgame"): Take me out for some ice cream, /Take me out to the store. /Buy me a triple scoop jumbo cone. /I won't share, I'll eat it alone! /For its scoop, scoop ,scoop up the ice cream-- /Give me three kinds I adore! / For it's one, two, three, scoops to go /At the ice cream store!
  • Hot Fudge, Cherries, Toffee Crunch (sung to "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star"): Hot fudge, cherries, toffee crunch /Peanuts, whipped cream, lots to munch, /At the top of my ice cream. / So delicious, it's a dream! /Hot fudge, cherries, toffee crunch, / How I love to munch and munch!
  • Ice Cream Cones (sung to “Mary Had a Little Lamb”): We all want an ice cream cone, ice cream cone, ice cream cone /We all want an ice cream cone, we'll eat it right away. /Chocolate is our favorite kind, favorite kind, favorite kind /Chocolate is our favorite kind, we'd eat it every day... (add as many flavor verses as you like) /Thank you for the ice cream cone, ice cream cone, ice cream cone /Thank you for the ice cream cone, it really hit the spot!
  • We Are Ice Cream Cones (sung to "Row, Row, Row Your Boat"): We are ice cream cones / On a summer's day / Melting, melting, melting, melting / Melting all away.
  • Save Some For Me (sung to "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean): My mother likes one scoop of ice cream / My father likes two scoops or three. / My brother likes four scoops with sprinkles. / The whole carton is just right for me! / Please save, please save, / Oh, please save some ice cream for me, for me. / Please save, please save, / Oh, please save some ice cream for me!
Math / Science
  • Meaningful Counting, Predicting, Measuring: Print and cut out these scoops and cones. Count out the number of scoops indicated on the cone and predict which cone will be the tallest, smallest, etc.
  • Identifying Shapes, Comparing & Classifying: Use a variety of cut out shapes to build paper ice cream treats. Talk about the different shapes used to build different treats (ice cream cone - circles, half circles, triangles / cones... ice cream sundae - circles, half circles, rectangles for sprinkles... banana split - crescent for the banana, circles, half circles, rectangles for sprinkles, etc.)
  • Seriation / Ordering, Matching, Comparing & Classifying: Print and cut out these ice cream cards and sort them according to similarities (type of treat, color, have sticks, have sugar cones, have cake cones, etc.)
  • Cause & Effect Predictions: Put scoops of ice cream into different kinds of dishes (metal, glass, plastic). Take the dishes out into the sun and talk about what you see when the scoops begin to melt. Predict which scoop will be the first to melt completely.
  • Sequencing & Patterning: Create patterns using different colored “scoops” of ice cream. (I like this template.)
Gross Motor: Active Play
  • Make a cone out of a large piece of tagboard or similarly heavy paper and fill it up with balls. Practice picking balls up off the ground without dumping the ones already in the cone.
  • Balance a scoop of ice cream on a mixing spoon and see how far you can carry it before it melts.
  • Set out several hula hoops. Fill up the hula hoop “bowls” with pool noodles (bananas), balls (ice cream scoops), etc to make giant banana splits. See how many treats you can put in each bowl before they spill over the edge.
  • Cut clean bleach bottles at an angle starting just below the handle to make a large scoop. Toss “ice cream scoops” (small balls, yarn balls, tissue paper balls, etc.) up in the air and try to catch them in the scoopers.
  • Set up an ice cream parlor.

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