Fine Motor: Art
Language: Rhymes / Fingerplays
  • Kites: Five bright kites I bought at the store. (five fingers) / Along came a strong wind, and now I have four. (thumb) / Four bright kites flying over the sea. / Along came a big wave, and now I have three. (index) / Three bright kites, I'll give one to you. / Three bright kites, now I have two. (middle finger) / Two bright kites flew too near to the sun. / Poor little kites! Now I have one. (ring down) / One bright kite - that's enough for me, / I'll keep it away from the kite - eating tree!
  • Five Little Kites: Five little kites, way up in the sky / say hi to the clouds, as they pass by. / Say hi to the birds, / Say hi to the sun, / say hi to the airplane, oh what fun. / Then swish went the wind, / and they all took a dive: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  • Windy Day: The wind is calling, / "Come fly your kite!" / The wind is blowing / With all its might. / The kites are tossing / In the sky. / The wind is calling, / "Come fly up high."
  • Kites Go Up:The kites go up, the kites go down, / In and around, all over the town / The children run and jump and play, / Because they love a windy day.
  • Kite Flying: On many spring days I wish that I / Could be a kite flying in the sky. / I would climb high toward the sun / And chase the clouds. Oh, what fun! / Whichever way the wind chanced to blow / Is the way that I would go. / I'd fly up, up, up. I'd fly down, down, down. / Then I'd spin round and round and round. / Finally I'd float softly to the ground.
Language: Songs
  • I Like Kites (Sung to: "3 Blind Mice"): I like kites, I like kites. / They fly high, they fly high. / They keep on spinning round and round, / Sometimes they even touch the ground, / They fly through the air without a sound. / Oh, I like kites!
  • Go Fly A Kite (Tune sung by Bing Crosby in Star Maker here): Go fly a kite and tie your troubles to the tail / They'll be blown away by a merry gale, / Go fly a kite and toss your worries to the wind / And they won't come back, they'll be too chagrined. / Go on make friends with the sky / Have a talk with the sun / It's the bright way to live, if you'll pardon the pun / Go fly a kite and you'll imagine you're a king / Cause you've got your world on a piece of string
  • Kite (Sung to: Hayden's Symphony No 94, “Surprise”: I often sit and wish that I, / Could be a kite up in the sky. / And ride upon the breeze and go, / Whatever way I chanced to blow. / Then I could look beyond the town, / And see the river winding down. / And follow all the ships that sail, / Like me, before the merry gale. / Until at last with them I came, / To some place with a foreign name. / Then bow my head and dip my tail / And upon the wind back home I’d sail.
  • My Kite (Sung to: The Itsy Bitsy Spider): There’s nothing I like better / When the wind is right / Than to run off to the park, / Just me and my kite / Let out some string! / Toss it in the air! / And pretend that I am sailing / With it way up there.
  • Let's Go Fly A Kite (Tune from Mary Poppins here) : With tuppence for paper and strings, / you can have your own set of wings. / With your feet on the ground, / you're a bird in flight! / With your fist holding tight, / to the string of your kite! / Let's go fly a kite / Up to the highest height / Let's go fly a kite / And send it soaring / Up through the atmosphere / Up where the air is clear / Oh, let's go fly a kite! / When you send it flying up there, / all at once your lighter than air! / You can dance on the breeze, / over 'ouses and trees! / With your fist 'olding tight, / to the string your kite! / Let's go fly a kite / Up to the highest height / Let's go fly a kite / And send it soaring / Up through the atmosphere / Up where the air is clear / Oh, let's go fly a kite!
Math / Science
  • Identifying Shapes: Print out pictures of kites from around the world (or find a book with a good variety of kite pictures). Point out all the different shapes (triangles, diamonds, squares, etc) that you can see on different kinds of kites.
  • Matching: Cut kite shapes out of different patterned pieces of paper (leftover holiday cards, wrapping paper, wallpaper samples, etc). Cut each kite shape into half lengthwise. Mix up the pieces and take turns putting them back together.
  • Meaningful Counting: Draw several simple kite outlines (no tails), number them, and cut them out. Draw another set of kite outlines, this time with tails on separate pieces of paper. Give each of these kites a different number of flags on it's tail. Count the number of flags on the tails of the kites and match the appropriate kite to it’s tail.
  • Measuring, Cause & Effect Predictions: Make a few simple kites and attach a different length of string to each one. Talk about which one will fly the highest, the lowest, etc. and why that might be the case.
  • Size, Comparing & Classifying, Measuring: Sort paper kites (made out of construction paper, printed out kite pictures, etc) according to their different sizes.
Gross Motor: Active Play
  • Go outside and fly a kite!
  • Pretend to be a kite. Make a tail using streamers, ribbons, etc. and attach it behind you so that it can flip and spin while you dip and soar through the air.
  • Go for a walk around the neighborhood on a windy day and look for kites.
  • Play "Snatch the Tail": Try to pluck the "tail" (a scarf or streamer or something similar tucked into the waistband) from another "kite" (player).
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