Fine Motor: Art
  • Make postcards.
  • Make mailboxes.
  • Make a mail carrier bag out of construction paper. Round the bottom edges of two pieces of construction paper. Punch holes around three sides of each piece and lace together with yarn. Leave enough yarn at either end to make a strap to carry the mail bag with.
  • Make stamps using paper scraps. Draw a picture, trim the edges (I like the look of craft scissors to give the edges a “wavy” look), and write the value of the stamp on the corner. Use a dab of glue or a doubled over piece of tape to affix the stamps to envelopes / postcards to be “mailed”.
  • Color / fingerpaint pictures of mail.
Language: Rhymes / Fingerplays
  • Letter to Grandma: Lick them, stamp them (make licking and stamping motions) / Put them in a box (extend arms outward) / Hope that Grandma / Loves them a lot! (hug self)
  • Post Office: Step inside! / Stamps for sale! / Packages, postcards, / Letters to mail! / Come to us / For your money's worth. / Deliveries made / All over the Earth!
  • Five Little Letters: Five little letters lying on a tray (extend fingers of right hand) / Mommy came in and took the purple one away (bend down thumb) / Then Daddy said, "Looks like there’s one for me" / When I counted them again, there were only three (bend down the pointer finger) / My brother asked, "Anything for me?" / He found one and cried, "Hooray! Yippee!" (bend down middle finger) / My sister took the next one, second to last. / And ran up to her room to open it fast. (bend down ring finger) / Just one letter left! I can’t quite see (stand on tiptoes, peer and squint) / Who the last one's for, but I hope it's for me! (wiggle little finger then clap hands)
  • The Mailbox Poem: I went to mail a letter and slid right in the box / All that you could see of me were my tennis shoes and socks. / I self addressed my elbow and air-mail stamped my knee. / Soon I would be ready for the next delivery. / I folded like an envelope and in a day or so. . . / I'll go with all the letters to Japan or Mexico
  • Letter to Papa: I’m writing my Papa a letter / And oh! How proud he’ll be! / To get a little letter / written just by me. / I’ll tell him about my dolly / she’s sleeping on the floor / Any noise will wake her / So please don’t slam the door... Bang! (Clap hands loudly.)
Language: Songs
  • Mailing Letters (sung to "The Mulberry Bush"): This is the way we mail a letter, / Mail a letter, mail a letter. / This is the way we mail a letter, / So early in the morning.
  • Mail Carrier Song (sung to "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean"): I get to sort the mail, / Then carry it to your home. / The mail comes from all over, / Like New York, Paris, and Rome. / Mail, mail, mail, mail, / I love to deliver the mail, mail, mail. / Mail, Mail, Mail, Mail, / I love to deliver the mail.
  • Do you Drive a Mail Truck? (sung to "Do your ears hang low?"): Do you drive a mail truck, / Walk in snow and rain and muck, / To deliver mail over hill and dale? / Do you carry great big boxes, / Heavy like they're filled with rocks? / Do you drive a mail truck?
  • The Mail Carrier's Song (sung to: "Row, Row, Row Your Boat"): Write, stamp, and mail some cards, / And lots of letters, too. / They’ll be delivered to your friends, / And they’ll write back to you.
  • In the Mailbox (sung to "Are You Sleeping?"): In the mailbox, in the mailbox, / Look and see, look and see! / A package or a postcard! / A letter from my grandma! / Just for me, just for me
Math / Science
  • Meaningful Counting, Matching: Label the front of small paper sacks (from 1-5, with different shapes, with letters, etc) and set them about the room. Label the front of envelopes, postcards, old mail to match the sacks and practice delivering the mail to the proper bags.
  • Cause & Effect Predictions: Use a small scale to compare the weights of different kinds of mail (small boxes, magazines, junk mail, etc). Before weighing items, talk about which ones feel "heavy" and which ones feel "light" then compare your predictions to the actual results.
  • Size, Comparing & Classifying, Measuring: Sort different types of mail (old catalogs, junk mail, postcards, etc) by size and other similarities (color, weight, etc).
  • Matching, Spatial Relationships: Match cards (use old holiday card left-overs!) and letters to different sized envelopes.
  • Measuring, Time, Spatial Relationships, Cause & Effect Predictions: Set up two (or more) different delivery points. Talk about which point is closer / farther and which one will take the most / least time to deliver the mail to and why that might be the case.
Gross Motor: Active Play
  • Play post office! (Lots of great ideas here, here, here, and here.)
  • Take a field trip to your local post office. Call ahead to see if it might be possible to get a behind-the-scenes look at the action.
  • Deliver "mail" to friends in the neighborhood.
  • Take a walk around the neighborhood and look for different types of mailboxes (group and individual boxes on the street, mail slots in doors, mail boxes at the door, USPS drop boxes, FedEx & UPS boxes, etc).
  • Set up a mailbox (a large box with a mail slot cut into it on two opposite sides) at one end of the yard and see who can deliver the mail the fastest, starting at the other end of the yard and running to the mailbox. Make it more challenging by hopping, skipping, jumping, etc. to the mailbox.
  • Graham Cracker Postcards: Spread a graham cracker with cream cheese (or frosting). "Address" this postcard with uncooked alphabet noodles, add a cheese-square "stamp", and decorate with raisins, pretzel sticks, dried cereal, etc.
  • Practice addresses and zip codes with alphabet cookies (I love Newman's Own).
  • Address a grilled cheese sandwich with mustard and ketchup.
  • Fold over a tortilla to make an envelope and stuff it with cheese or peanut butter. Microwave (or grill) until inside is gooey. Watch out for hot-spots when eating (especially if filled with peanut butter)!
  • Fill an envelope with trail-mix type snacks for a yummy to-go snack.

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Lora said...

This was my favorite thing to do when I was little! I would lug my "letters" around in a little wagon and drop them in shoeboxes set up around the house!

For some reason, I always wanted to deliver letters to Mr. Greenjeans