Still working on a couple of Math/Science and Gross Motor activities, but wanted to get this posted...

Fine Motor: Art
  • Night Mobiles: Paint a paper plate black or dark blue to represent the night sky. Cut out moon and star shapes and color them with glow in the dark paints / crayons / markers. Attach them with varying lengths of string to the dried paper plate and hang from the ceiling with another length of string.
  • Make telescopes and binoculars.
  • Create shape constellations.
  • Sun and Moon Dough Art
  • Color / fingerpaint "night" coloring pages.
Language: Rhymes / Fingerplays
  • Hey Diddle Diddle: Hey diddle diddle, / The cat and the fiddle, / The cow jumped over the moon. / The little dog laughed / To see such sport, / And the dish ran away / With the spoon.
  • The Man in the Moon: The man in the moon / Looked out of the moon, / Looked out of the moon and said, / It's time, I think, for all good children / To think about going to bed.
  • Four Little Stars: Four little stars / winking at me. / One shot off, / then there were three! / three little stars / With nothing to do. / One shot off, / Then there were two! / Two little stars / Afraid of the sun. / One shot off, / Then there was one! / One little star / Alone is no fun. / It shot off, / Then there were none!
  • Amanda Boon: Where are you going Amanda Boon, / All dressed up in the afternoon? / I'm hurrying home to wash my face, / For I'm flying today to outer space. / Who will go with you, two friends or three? / Just Billy, and Lola, and Christopher Lee. / How will you get there? The trip's very hard. / We're building a spaceship in Billy's back yard. / What in the world will you pack for the flight? / My pillow, and blanket and a high-beam flashlight.
  • At night I see the twinkling stars (shut and open hands) / And a great big shining moon (circle arms over head) / And then I jump into my bed (“jump” index finger into opposite cupped hand)/ And hum a good night tune.
Language: Songs
  • Aikendrum: There was a man lived in the moon / In the moon, in the moon / There was a man lived in the moon / And his name was Aikendrum. / And he played upon a ladle / A ladle, a ladle / He played upon a ladle / And his name was Aikendrum. / And his hat was made of cream cheese... / And his coat was made of roast beef... / And his pants were made of haggis... / There was a man lived in the moon...
  • Stars (sung to "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star"): Twinkle, twinkle, little star, I know what you really are: / Giant ball of glowing gas, One of billions in a mass! / Twinkle, twinkle, little star, Oh, how big you really are! / Twinkle, twinkle, giant star, Larger than the Earth by far! / Since your distance is a lot, You look like a tiny dot. / Twinkle, twinkle, giant star, Very bright, yet very far! / Stars are twinkling, every one, Some are bigger than the sun! / Just a twinkle in the sky, Just because you’re oh, so high! / Twinkle, twinkle, little star, Oh how big you really are.
  • Have You Ever Seen the Moon (sung of "The More We Get Together"): Have you ever seen / The moon, the moon, the moon, / Have you ever seen / The moon, the moon, the moon, / way up in the sky. / Look this way, and that way. / Look this way, and that way. / Have you ever seen / The moon / So very high.
  • There's a Tiny Little Star (sung to “Little White Duck): There's a little tiny star / Way up in the sky. / A tiny little star, / Up so very high / She twinkles brightly / Through the night: / The stars are shining bright. / But during the day / She is out of sight. / There's a tiny little star / Way up in the sky. / A tiny little star.
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Moon (sung to TwinkleTwinkle Star):Twinkle twinkle little Moon / How I wonder what you're doin' / Up above the world so high / Like a Pancake in the sky / Twinkle Twinkle little moon / How I wonder what you're doin'.
Math / Science
  • Sort a variety of star and moon shapes (paper, beads, small toys, etc) into groups of the same size, color, shape, etc.
  • Star Gazing Activity: On a piece of paper draw five or ten columns. Place a number 1-10 at the top of each column. With star stickers have the children match the number of stars in each column.
  • Play memory with cards with the phases of the moon on them.
Gross Motor: Active Play
  • Star Catch: Use a parachute to pop "stars" (beanbags, yarn balls, etc) up into the air and see how many can be caught.
  • Meteor Catch: Wrap large styrofoam balls with aluminum foil. Attach long streamers of crepe paper for tails. Use these to play a game of Meteor Catch!
  • Tic-Tac-Toe: Make a large Tic-Tac-Toe board. Instead of playing with X's and O's, play with stars and moons. Form teams and jump (hop, crawl, etc) into the spaces or throw the stars/moons into the spaces to encourage even more movement.

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